Who can apply?

You can apply if:

The Trust does not support:

The Trust prefers to support projects which:

How to apply

What happens next

Once an application has been received by the Secretary, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement within a few weeks to the person and address listed on your application form. High quality applications clearly meeting the aims and priorities of the Trust will be assessed by our Trustees, which may involve requesting further information. If a Trustee wishes to take forward an application for discussion at a Trustees¿ meeting, they will get in touch with you directly.

You will hear shortly after these meetings whether or not your application has been successful.

Each year we receive many more applications than we can fund. This means that many applications will unfortunately not be funded, even though they are eligible under our guidelines and priorities.

Information to help you apply

The Trustees are flexible in their approach, and take the following into account when considering an application:

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