Our funding priorities
The Trust likes to make grants which will make a tangible difference and will consider charities or projects which have difficulty getting started or raising funds from other sources. This often means that the Trust is funding capital projects, for example for equipment, materials, the construction of buildings and solar panels, and the supply of safe, clean water. The Trust does not usually fund any running costs, including staff salaries, administration, marketing and travel costs. Grants are made to UK charities which work in all parts of the world.

The Natural Environment
The Trust supports projects involved in conserving, improving and regenerating the natural environment. This can include tree planting, rewilding, protection of habitats, farm sustainability projects. The Trust does not support projects involving animal welfare or heritage sites and buildings.

The Trust supports projects which benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. This can include formal education at all levels, vocational skills training to enhance employment opportunities, technical development for example to teach IT skills, health and hygiene training and awareness. The Trust likes to support projects to enhance awareness and to develop and educate communities in the area of family planning and menstrual health and hygiene. Projects can also include school building programmes.

The Trust supports projects which benefit and improve the health and life chances of people across the world. This can include capital projects to build or refurbish health centres, clinics and hospitals, to construct WASH facilities, to provide mobile health posts, to purchase essential equipment, to provide generators for hospitals or clinics, to upskill healthcare staff in new techniques. A wide variety of healthcare projects are supported.

You can read more about some of the projects we have supported, the work of JCT and how funds are used
Please visit our projects page to view more details on the projects we have supported.